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Recent news​

Petechiae in Children protocol published

1st August 2018

Congratulations to Tom Waterfield and team on the publication of the PiC study protocol (available here), investigating the utility of existing decision rules for petechial rash, and the diagnostic accuracy of point of care tests including LAMP-MD and procalcitonin.  The observational multisite study is due to roll out later this year, with site selection and opening procedures now underway...

Paediatric Traumatic Cardiac Arrest Delphi published in EMJ

1st May 2018

The first output from the Paediatric Traumatic Cardiac Arrest (PTCA) consensus study has now been published online, and is available here.  This paper covers the first stage of the project, in which expert consensus was reached by an online Delphi process on a number of statements relating to assessment and management of children with PTCA.  Subsequent work, including the algorithm derived at the consensus meeting, and contextual epidemiology of PTCA, are currently under review.

Petechiae in Children (PIC) study open and recruiting well...

12th December 2017

The Petechiae in Children study, led by Dr Tom Waterfield, opened successfully last night and is recruiting well to target so far.  Any sites wishing to find out more information can contact us at the usual email address.

Animation resource for children involved in studies using research without prior consent

3rd July 2017

A study led by Dr Kerry Woolfall has developed an animation for children who have taken part in research in critical care situations such as in ED. Kerry explains, “The Children’s Voices Project explored what children thought about taking part in research without being asked for permission first - this is research without prior consent. This approach to consent is used in emergency situations, such as an epileptic seizure or asthma attack, when lifesaving treatments cannot be delayed”.

Louise Roper the VOICES Study researcher explains how “the children in our study felt that doctors, nurses and parents should talk to children about the research they had already been included in. They said an animation would be the best way to explain their involvement in research and who they could speak to about the study when they are feeling better.” View the animation here:


The animation is now being disseminated for use in paediatric trials like the EcLiPSE trial which is co-sponsored by the University of Liverpool and Alder Hey Children’s hospital


Please contact Kerry or Louise for further information:

Tom Waterfield awarded RCEM funding for study into point of care testing in non-blanching rash

30th March 2017

Congratulations to Tom Waterfield, PERUKI trainee rep and PEM trainee in Belfast, who has been awarded funding from RCEM to perform feasibility work into the application of point of care testing in decision making for children with non-blanching rashes.  We wish Tom every success with this PERUKI study, and for his application to develop this work into a PhD.

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