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PERUKI - the PEM research collaborative for the United Kingdom & Ireland

Paediatric Emergency Research in the United Kingdom & Ireland (PERUKI) brings together clinicians and researchers who share the vision of improving the emergency care of children through high quality multi-centre research.


Formed in August 2012, this collaboration unites clinicians and academics from Emergency Departments in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales who share the passion of improving the emergency care of sick and injured children through research.  Working collaboratively, PEM research activities across the nations will be strengthened, with co-ordination of research activities, and focus on common goals and agendas.  Over time, and by sharing expertise, not only will large scale robust multi-centre clinical research be developed and delivered, but translation into practice will be achieved throughout the health regions.  


PERUKI also takes an active role in encouraging and mentoring new investigators in the acquisition of research skills, regarding this as a key area for the sustainability of PEM research going forward.

Join us as an individual member:

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