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*The current funding application window for 2023 is now closed - The next applicaation window is anticpated for 2024*

Paediatric Emergency Research in the United Kingdom & Ireland (PERUKI) brings together clinicians and researchers who share the vision of improving the emergency care of children through high quality multi-centre research.​ In order to meet our vision, PERUKI are now able to support a number of studies each year with funding.​ Please note there are limited funds available and PERUKI will not be able to fund open access fees or significant time of senior researchers. Any given study is unlikely to be able to receive more 1k-3k which could be used to purchase equipment, fund survey tools (i.e. red cap) or other website resources or perhaps fund a small amount of research nurse time. As per our Route to Research approach we are very keen on established academics supporting trainees and consultants who are developing research interests and careers.

All applications will be judged by the RSC and then reviewed by both the PERUKI and APEM (Association of Paediatric Emergency Medicine) executive committees. Committee members applying for funding will take no part in the judging or selection criteria.

Up to three studies can be funded in any

given funding cycle. If no studies are felt

to be suitable PERUKI reserves the right

to move monies forward to future rounds.



Please email for any queries or questions.

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